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With Cyber Together PoC Lab Cybersecurity PoCs are Now Scalable for Startups and Enterprises

Innovations in cybersecurity have been making headlines in the past decade due to the increased reliance on technology and the inevitable data breaches that come alongside such advancements. No need to say more.

For enterprises, regardless of what industry they are operating in, it means that they need to increase their investment in thwarting cybersecurity threats before it becomes too late. The problem for enterprises is that developing new cybersecurity innovation requires time, manpower, funds and a new way of approaching the cybersecurity problem.

While enterprises seldom lack the time, expertise, knowhow, resources of manpower or funds, they often lack the ability to creatively tackle existing problems, needs and the real pains.

For enterprises simply finding the right solution is not enough – they must find the solution that meets their exact demands, then quickly and securely test it within their existing ecosystem otherwise they risk not being able to properly and immediately scale the solution up to their clients and consumers at the mass market level.

Cyber Together is coming with a new concept and a game-changing PoC-as-a-Service platform, which can speed up the PoC process in a way that eliminates the CISO team pains and challenges.

As an IT Network Security PoC-as-a-Service platform, Cyber Together can do more than help security startups and CISO in any enterprises, by executing and running PoCs (proof-of-concepts) together in a simple and seamless ways – we also get to gain valuable insights into the types of future challenges and solutions enterprises are looking for.

From the other side, the cyber security startup with the most innovation technology that can solve the CISO needs and problems, is struggling in scaling up working with CISO and enterprises world wide.

The problem however is that enterprises are careful to open up their security systems to enable these cybersecurity startups to test their product on their ecosystem.

Cyber Together API Connections is an innovative program that formally certifies vendors to vendors API interoperability

Cyber Together is supporting a full certified-partner ecosystem through its Connections program where CISO/enterprises  can pick from certified partner solutions to “fill in the gaps”

There are several reasons API’s can replace the big vendor integration approach:

  • APIs are flexible
  • APIs are easy to use
  • APIs are the fastest way to connect to the web, mobile, and cloud
  • APIs deliver a nice ROI
  • APIs facilitate collaboration
  • APIs improve business intelligence

In order to join Cyber Together API Connections program what you need are APIs : Application Programming Interface (API) connects Software A with Software B and allows them to communicate easily and share data and/or functionality.

This is very important for moving forward in the cyber security industry to keep us viable and competitive in the markets.
Because Cyber Together  understands the importance of these factors, we provide:

  1. A wide array of integration open source tools and services
  2. Existing integrations with the most common third-party vendors and applications
  3. Support for the latest industry standards and protocols

Just tell us who you need to connect to and we’ll make it happen!

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