Month: March 2019

Cyber Together hosting Nir Zuk, Palo Alto Founder, 2019

Packed event with a rare performance of Palo Alto’s Founder & CTO:

Thanks so much for the co-producers Lior Aviv from Palo Alto, Alon Refaeli & Menachem Zibziner from Cyber Together Yisrael Gross from Israel Cyber Group that presented prelim 2018 Israel Cyber statistics from yet-to-be-published Start-Up Nation Central report.

Thanks for all the attendees.


India-Israel Cyber Networking Event, 2019

Was an honor to co-produce the networking event with the Indian Delegation headed by Ms. Debjani Ghosh, former president of INTEL INDIA, now the president of Nasscom; together with Checkmarx, Embassy of India TelAviv & she codes;

We presented and discussed how Israeli tech and cyber companies can grow to success in India. Thanks so much for Checkmarx for the kind hosting and the other co-producers Shahar Alon, Ran Lewinski, Alon Refaeli & Menachem Zibziner.

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